About Us

Who are we?

KolohSoft is a software development company based in Alexandria, Egypt.Seeking to find simple, easy and fast solutions for the local and international market needs, as the boundaries between local and international markets are fading with the use of the World Wide Web.

KolohSoft's work depends on talented designers and professional developers use the latest web technologies available to develop the easiest, fastest, and most accurate solution according to client’s requirements.

Why KolohSoft?

KolohSoft offers solutions for its customers commensurate with their work and activities through our expertise in information technology field .

KolohSoft's team uses the latest web technologies available.picking what is best according to client’s requirements,

KolohSoft implements agile software development methodology that make us prepared to quick response on the customer changes .

KolohSoft uses creative designs, responsive web design and best performance.

Our Process

KolohSoft passing the training of "Software Process Improvement Guide (SPIG)" by SECC over a period of 6 months to establish it's own process.KolohSoft seeks to apply for "CMMI".

KolohSoft implements the agile software development methodology that allow flexible and rapid response to different types of client's change requests.

KolohSoft's process follows quality control standards and methodologies to meet and   ensure the quality goals.


1. ASITA "Alexandria Software & Information Technology Association".

2. ITIda.

3. MIC.